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Department of Information Technology

IT Club

FAITH(Federal Association of Information Technology Honors)

# Name of the Event Date Coordinators
01 National Level Technical Symposium (KRIDENZ’14) 23-08-2014 Prof.S.Palanimurugan, AP/IT Prof.E.Vijayavani, AP/IT
02 Release of Department News Letter 23-08-2014 Prof.S.Manikandan, AP/IT
Association In-charge Prof.V.M.Suresh, AP/IT
President: A.Balakrishnan, IV-IT
Vice-President: P.Vigneshwaran, III-IT
Secretary: S. Then Thamizh Illakiya, IV-IT
Joint-Secretary: S.Manimala, IV-IT
Treasurer : G.Sathish, IV-IT
Sub-Treasurer: D. Elangovan, III-IT
Members: M.Mohamed Mohaseen, IV-IT
S. Panimalar, IV-IT
Indhumathi R, III-IT
S. Vinotha , III-IT
R.AjayKumar, II-IT
R.Vijayalakshmi, II-IT
# Name of the Event Date Coordinators
01 Release of Department News Letter 21-08-2013 Prof.S.Manikandan, AP/IT
Association In-charge Prof.A.Javed Sultan AP/IT
President: K.Mohamed Yaser, IV-IT
Vice-President: M. Mahamadu Maraicar, III-IT
Secretary: B. Monisha, IV-IT
Joint-Secretary: E. Nalarubiga, III-IT
Treasurer : S. Manikandan, IV-IT
Sub-Treasurer: M. Bharath Kumar, III-IT
Members: Syed Sulthan Beevi, IV-IT
Arun Prasath. G, IV-IT
R.Devi, III-IT
Gayathri.G.A, III-IT
R. Ananth, II-IT
V. Viveka, II-IT
# Name of the Event Date Coordinators
01 Release of Department News Letter 27-10-2012 Prof.K.Manikanda Kumaran, AP/IT