Programmer's Paradise

About P2C

From small comedians to large-scale concerts, the Student Programming Association brings refreshing entertainment to EGSPEC campus. PPC is more than just a student-run club. It's a group of dedicated, creative individuals who each bring a unique talent to the organization.

Mission of the Student Club

The mission of the Student Programming Association is to serve the student body by providing diverse activities, programming assistance and resources that enhance the overall experience.

Purposes of the Student Programming Club

1 . To organize and sponsor programs primarily for the benefit of the students and secondarily for the faculty, staff, and the surrounding community.
2.To enhance the educational, social, cultural, and recreational experiences of EGSPEC students by organizing variet of campus-wide programming throughout the academic year which reflects student’s diverse backgrounds and interests.
3.To advise, provide resources for, and promote collaboration between student organizations that will foster leadership and organizational development.
4.To provide its administrative team and general body with leadership opportunities and resources to enhance their out of class experience.


The Admin committee consists of the heads of each committee. Each committee offers a variety of unique talents that help make our shows a success. You can join as many committees that you want!
The Membership committee plans social events for PPC members. This committee brainstorms ideas for outings that will gather PPC members from every committee.
The web committee maintains and updates the website. We encourage creativity in our endeavors of interactive marketing through technology and creating a mobile app for PPA. If you have web coding skills or are knowledgeable in HTML, CSS, PHP and objective c this is the committee for you.
The Lectures committee plans the Distinguished Speaker Series. DSS contains valuable lectures in recent trends of programming and other related works.


1 K.ManikandakumaranAP/IT
2 S.AravindanAP/CSE
3 E.ElakiyaAP/CSE
4 S.SelvaganapathyAP/MCA

Programme Organized

1. CODE ME A C Programming Home Contest
2. E-Box Training program
3. Zeros to Heros
4. Ruby on Rails