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NSS & Red Ribbon Club

Faculty Incharge :

  • NSS Coordinator:Prof. V. Sivaramakrishnan, M.E., (Ph.D.,),
  • Department:    Assistant Professor / Mechanical Engineering

The National Service Scheme has a vision of mobilizing available resources to enable targeted young people, to become more educated and better prepared for national issues requiring urgent attention, through national service activities in deprived areas, within reasonable congenial conditions.

National Service is committed to deploying young graduates and diplomats of tertiary institutions on national service countrywide to supplement manpower shortfall and to provide re-orientation and entrepreneurial skills for post-national service employment, through Community Development Programmes. This deployment would be done within a better-equipped administrative and institutional framework, towards a more efficient National Service Programme, managed by a well-motivated programme officer, towards increased productivity.

1 02-01-2015 Founder’s day celebration(tree plantation & herbal awareness program) Our chairman Chev.G.S.Pillay , , principal Dr.S.Ramabalan, , secretary Mr.S.Parameswaran presided over the function. Tree plantation, food distribution programs conducted.
2 05-01-2015 Road safety awareness program at new Bustand, Nagapattinam. Nagapattinam RTO& motor vehicle inspector presided over the road safety programme at Nagapattinam new bustand. NSS volunteers participated in that programme.
3 07-01-2015 Plastic awareness program Our NSS volunteers organized the plastic awareness programme at Vadakudi Village.
4 08-01-2015 Campus cleaning work Nearly 100 NSS volunteers participated and cleaned the college campus successfully.
5 09-01-2015 National consumer day (competition Program conducted) Our college NSS unit Participate in National consumer day programme at Girls Higher sec school Nagapattinam.
6 09-01-2015 Youngsters day celebration (speech competition ) Principal Dr.S.Ramabalan, Prof S.Krishnamohan,Prof N.Ramanujam & Secretary Mr.S.Parameswaran Presided Over the Function .
7 20-01-2015 National voters day celebration(speech, essay & drawing & quiz competitions conducted ) National voters day celebrated at our college campus.
8 22-01-2015 Rally program voters day awareness program Rally program voters awareness program at Nagore to ADJ Polytechnic Nagapattinam.
9 15-02-2015 Dengu AwarnessProgram Our NSS Students organize the Dengu Awarness program at Vilundamavadi Village near Vedaranyam. Prof Manikandan IT, Prof G.Sundaravadivel, Mr.Subash And NSS Program officer participated in this function. Nearly 100 NSS Volunteers participated in this Awarness Program Distrct collector Inaugurate this function.
10 23-02-2015 National consumer day National consumer day celeberated at Nagapattinam district collectorate. Nearly 50 NSS students participated in this program
11 26-01-2015 Republic day celebration Our college NSS unit celebrated the republic day. Our college principal presided over the function and hoisted the national flag.
12 07-03-2015 Women’s day celebration Our college NSS unit involved in the women’s day celebration at egspec.
13 21-03-2015 World water day Awareness rally program conducted at thethi village.
14 24-03-2015 World tuberculosis awareness day Tb awareness rally program conducted at nagapattinam collect rate road.
15 APRIL 2014 TO March 2015 Blood Donation at Govt Hospital Nagapattinam. 150Units of blood Donated by our NSS Students at GH Nagapattinam.
1 05-06-2014 World environment day(tree plantation program at our college campus) Our NSS volunteers organized world environment day rally programme at thethi village.
2 30-07-2014 Cleaning work at college Road. 100 NSS volunteers completed the road cleaning work at vadakudi.
3 12-08-2014 NSS ORIENTATION PROGRAM 50 NSS students participated in this Orientation programme.
4 15-08-2014 Independence day celebration Our college NSS unit celebrated independence day. Our secretary MR.S.PARAMESWARAN and principal DR.S.RAMABALAN and Prof S.Krishnamohan, Prof M.Chinnadurai, NSS Programme Officer V.Sivaramakrishnan & PED MR.Velan presided over the function & hoisted the national flag.
5 20-08-2014 Renewable energy awareness program Renewable energy awareness program conducted at our college campus. Nearly 100 students participated in this program.
6 05-09-2014 Teachers day celeberation Teachers day celeberation was conducted by our NSS unit.
7 15-09-2014 Road cleaning work 50 NSS volunteers completed the road cleaning work at thethi village.
8 20-09-2014
Crowd control NSS volunteers participated and involved in controling the crowd at sounderaraja perumal temple, nagapattinam. (puratasi – saturdays)
9 22-09-2014 Cancer awareness day rally program Rally organized by our NSS unit. 50 NSS volunteers are participated in this program.
10 24-09- 2014 NSS day(motivation program) Motivation program is conducted for our NSS students(100 students are participated in this program.
11 01-10-2014 National blood donation day(awareness program) Rally organized by our NSS unit. 50 NSS volunteers are participated in this program.
12 02-10-2014 Gandhi jayanthi day celebration. Our college NSS unit celebrated gandhi jayanthi day. Our secretary mr.s.parameswaran and principal dr s.ramabalan presided over the function.
13 30-09-2014 Ayudha pooja celeberation Nearly 50 NSS volunteers participated and cleaned the campus and celebrated the ayudha pooja function successfully.
14 13-10-2014 Voters day speech, essay, drawing competition. Nearly 60 NSS volunteers participated in this program.
15 23-10-2014 Voters awareness rally program Nearly 80 NSS volunteers participated in this program.
16 25-10-2014 Consumer awareness program Consumer awareness rally program conducted at thethy village.
17 01.12.2014 World AIDS awareness programme. Our college NSS unit celebrated aids awareness programme nearly 100 NSS volunteers participated in this programme.
18 25-12-2014 Vigilance awareness program Vigilance awareness program conducted at Nogore Main Road. Nearly 100 NSS volunteers participated.
19 30-12-2014 Campus cleaning 50 NSS volunteers completed the road cleaning work at thethi village.