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  • Women's Day 2017 Celebration
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As per the UGC direction and Government of India Gazette notification dated May 2, 2016, The Prevention of Sexual Harassment Cell (POSHC) is reconstituted as Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) and the students and faculty members can contact the below listed member in case of complaints regarding to sexual harassments and other related issues.

  • Convener       : Mrs.J.Vanitha, –Mobile Number : 9443728519
  • Through mail:    :

The following actions will be taken with the complaints received related with Sexual Harassments and other related Issues
        1. Disciplinary Action when the perpetrator is Student.
        2. Misbehavior Action when the Perpetrator is Staff.
Apart from the above actions legal proceedings will be taken against the persons involving in Sexual Harassments.

Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) Members

The Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) formed through circular dated 01.07.2016 is reconstituted with the following Members.

S.No Members Name Position
1. Mrs. J.Vanitha, Assoc. Professor /MCA Presiding Officer & Convener
2. Dr. S. Ponsadai lakshmi, Professor / SAH Member
3. Mrs. P. Malliga, Assoc. Professor /CIVIL Member
4. Mrs. S. Chitra, Asst. Professor / ECE Member
5. Mrs.S. Latha, Asst. Professor /EEE Member
6. Ms. E. Elakiya, Asst. Professor/CSE Member
7. Mrs. J. Jeevamalar, Asst. Professor /MECH Member
8. Ms. K. Asha Daisy Asst. Professor /MBA Member
9. Mr. K. ManikandaKumaran, Asst. Professor /IT Member
10. Mrs. R. Mathurbashini, Librarian Member (non-teaching)
11. Mr. K. Muthukumrasamy, Account Office Member (non-teaching)
12. Ms.K.Madhubala, III MCA Student Representative
13. Ms.S. Yuvarani IV IT Student Representative
14. Ms.S.Suganya IV Civil Student Representative
15. Ms. S. Sujatha NGO Representative
16. Mrs. S. Sumaya Merin, Advocate Leal Advisor