Department of Science and Humanities

About the Department

The department of Science and Humanities was established in the year 1995. The department is enriched with well qualified and experienced faculty members with research experience in various fields. The faculty members are actively engaged in teaching, researchers, continuing education programs and consultancy. They published more than 262 research papers in both International and National Journals and they presented paper in many International and National conferences.


# Name of the Faculty Member Designation
1Dr. A.R. Deepa Associate Professor/Head/ Mathematics
1Dr. S. PONSADAI LAKSHMIProfessor/Chemistry
2 Dr. C. GOPI Associate Professor/ Chemistry
3Dr. A. CHARLES Associate Professor/ Chemistry
4Mr. M.VELAVAKKUMARANAssistant Professor/ Chemistry
5Mrs. R.KALAIVANIAssistant Professor/ Chemistry
6Mrs. K.SANTHIAssistant Professor/ Chemistry
7Mr. V.RAGURAMANAssistant Professor/ Chemistry
8Ms. K.SUGANYAAssistant Professor/ Chemistry
9Mrs. S.MALATHIAssistant Professor/ Chemistry
1Mr.R.DHANASEKARANAssistant Professor/ English
2Mr. V.JOHN PAULAssociate Professorr/English
3Ms. K. GEETHAAssistant Professor/ English
4Mrs. A. JEYA ANPARASIAssistant Professor/ English
5 Dr. N. ASHARUDEENAssistant Professor/ English
6Mrs.S.GAJALAKSHMIAssistant Professor/ English
7Mr. N.PARASURAMANAssistant Professor/ English
1 Dr. M. MANOJ KUMAR MISHRAAssociate/Mathematics
2 Mrs. D. BINDHUAssociate Professor/ Mathematics
3Mrs. R. DEEPAAssociate Professor/ Mathematics
4 Dr. T. KAVITHA Assistant Professor/ Mathematics
5 Mrs. K. USHAAssistant Professor/ Mathematics
6Mrs. R. SEETHA Assistant Professor/ Mathematics
7Mrs. S. SANGEETHA Assistant Professor/ Mathematics
8Mrs. S. THARANI Associate Professor/ Mathematics
9Mrs. K. MANJUAssistant Professor/ Mathematics
10Dr. S. KAMALANATHANAssistant Professor/ Mathematics
11Mrs. SRIVIDHYA Assistant Professor/ Mathematics
12Dr.R.VIDHYA Assistant Professor/ Mathematics
13Ms. D.ANANDHI Assistant Professor/ Mathematics
14Ms. M.PRABHAVATHI Assistant Professor/ Mathematics
15Mrs. G.BHUVANA Assistant Professor/ Mathematics
1Dr. E. EDWARD ANANDProfessor/Physics
2 Dr. S.V. VIJAYASUNDARAMAssociate Professor/ Physics
3 Dr. N. MOORTHY Associate Professor/ Physics
4Dr.R.SATHISH KUMAR Assistant Professor/Physics
5 Mr. J.PRINCE RICHARDAssistant Professor/ Physics
6 Mr. K. ILAIYARAJAAssistant Professor/ Physics
7 Mr. K.SENTHILARASANAssistant Professor/ Physics
8 Mr. K.PREMKUMAR Assistant Professor/ Physics
General Engineering
1 Ms.K.PRADEEPAAssistant Professor
2 Ms.M.SIVARANJANIAssistant Professor
3 Ms.V.JANANIAssistant Professor
4 Mr.S.PRAKASHAssistant Professor
5 Mr.R.KALAISELVANAssistant Professor
6 Ms.B.DURGA LAXMIAssistant Professor
7 Ms.S.KALAIVANIAssistant Professor
1 Mr.S.PANDIANYoga Master