Department of Computer Science and Engineering


# Name of the Faculty Member DesignationQualification
1.Dr. A.AROKIASAMY Professor ME., Ph.D
2.Dr. M.CHINNADURAI Professor & Head ME., Ph.D
3.Dr. APPAVU @ BALAMURUGAN Professor ME., Ph.D
4.Dr. T.GANESANProfessor ME.,Ph.D
5.Dr. S.KANNANProfessor ME.,Ph.D
6.Dr. N.MURALI Associate Professor ME.,Ph.D
7.Dr. R.MANIVANNAN Associate ProfessorM.Tech.,Ph.D
8.Prof. SUDHIR SHENAI Associate Professor ME.,(Ph.D)
9.Prof. K.BALA SUBRAMANIAN Associate Professor ME.,(Ph.D)
10.Prof. K.KALAIVANI Associate Professor ME.,(Ph.D)
11.Prof. P.ANANDRAJ Associate Professor ME.,(Ph.D)
12.Ms. T.SOWKARTHIKA Assistant Professor ME.,
13.Mr. G.ARULSELVAN Assistant Professor ME.,(Ph.D)
14.Mr. M.MARKCO Assistant Professor ME.,(Ph.D)
15.Mr. E.ELAKIYA Assistant Professor ME.,(Ph.D)
16.Mr. S.PRAVEEN KUMAR Assistant Professor ME.,(Ph.D)
17.Mr. S.ARAVINDAN Assistant Professor ME.,(Ph.D)
18.Mr. J.NOORUL AMEEN Assistant Professor ME.,(Ph.D)
19.Mr. A.BASKAR Assistant Professor ME.,(Ph.D)
20.Mr. S.PALANIMURUGAN Assistant ProfessorM.E.,(Ph.D)
21.Mr. M.RAJAKUMARAN Assistant ProfessorM.E.,(Ph.D)
22.Mr. K.P.THAMARAIKANNAN Assistant Professor ME.,
23.Ms. P.VENNILA Assistant ProfessorME.,
24.Mr. A.RAJESH Assistant ProfessorME.,
25.Ms. V.S.SWARNALEKHAAssistant ProfessorME.,
26.Ms. D.PRIYAAssistant ProfessorME.,
27.Ms. K.PRADEEPAAssistant ProfessorME.,
28.Mr. D.MURALICHANDRASEKARAssistant ProfessorME.,
29.Ms. R.ANUSUYA Assistant Professor ME.,