Department of Information Technology

Society Memberships

Name of the Chapter CSI Student Branch
Institutional Membership Number I 01720
CSI Student Branch Inauguration May’2013
Name of the Student Branch Counselor Prof.M.Chinnadurai Dean (CSE,IT and MCA)
Name of the Convener Prof.S.Manikandan Head/IT

Special Mention:

Received certificate of Institutional Accerdidation to engage in Knowledge Sharing, Technology Promotion and Skill Upgration in the academic year of 2014-2015.

Name of the ChapterInstitution of Engineers (India)
Membership ID IM 000343-5
Students Chapter ID AB/ ECSC/ 611002/ EGSP
01 Prof.G.Sundaravadivel Mechanical Adviser – IEI students Chapter
02 Prof.G.Ganesan@ Subramanian EEE Adviser – IEI Institution chapter
03 Prof.Nuthal Srinivasan ECE Adviser – Dept. of ECE
04 Prof.J.Noorul Ameen CSE Adviser – Dept. of CSE
05 Prof.Arjunan CIVIL Adviser – Dept. of Civil
06 Prof.S.Palanimurugan IT Adviser – Dept. of IT

Name of the Academy ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu (Industry – Institute)
Institutional Membership Number 020131
Started in the year December’2013
Name of the Coordinator Prof.S.Manikandan Head/IT
Membership No 20131102

Special Mention:

Received Privileged Associate Membership in year of 2015.