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Department of Mechanical Engineering


# Name of the Faculty Member Designation Qualification Website
1 Dr. S. Ramabalan Professor & Principal M.E., Ph.DVisit
2 Dr. N. Ramanujam Professor M.Tech.,Ph.DVisit
3 Dr. V. Sivaraman Associate Professor M.Tech., Ph.DVisit
4 Mr. G. Gurumoorthi Associate Professor & Head M.E., (Ph.D)Visit
5 Dr. V.Sivaramakrishnan Associate Professor M.E., (Ph.D)Visit
6 Dr. J.Jeevamalar Associate Professor M.E., Ph.DVisit
7 Dr. G.Robert Singh Associate Professor M.E., Ph.DVisit
8 Dr. S.Chockalingam Associate Professor M.E., Ph.DVisit
9 Mr. R.Rengarajan Associate Professor M.TechVisit
10 Mr. R. Sundar Assistant Professor M.Tech.,(Ph.D)Visit
11 Mr. B. Manikandan Assistant Professor M.Tech.,(Ph.D)Visit
12 Mr. G. Surendar Assistant Professor M.Tech.,Visit
13 Mr. V.Manathunai Nathan Assistant Professor M.E.,(Ph.D)Visit
14 Mr. K. Senthil Nathan Assistant Professor M.Tech.,(Ph.D)Visit
15 Mr. S.K.Krishnakumar Assistant Professor M.E.,(Ph.D)Visit
16 Mr. A. Arunkumar Assistant Professor M.E.,(Ph.D)Visit
17 Mr. K. Balasubramanian Assistant Professor M.E.,Visit
18 Mr. S. Harish Kirthi Assistant Professor M.E.,Visit