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Department of Mechanical Engineering


# Name of the Faculty Member DesignationQualification Profile Website
1 Dr. S. Ramabalan Professor M.E., Ph.D.,
2 Dr. S. Krishnamohan Professor M.E., Ph.D.,DownloadVisit
3 Dr.V.Thirunavukkarasu Professor M.E., Ph.D.,DownloadVisit
4 Mr. G. Gurumoorthi Associate Professor M.E., (Ph.D.),DownloadVisit
5 Mr. N. Ramanujam Associate Professor M.Tech., (Ph.D.),DownloadVisit
6 Dr. V. Sivaraman Associate Professor M.Tech., Ph.D.,DownloadVisit
7 Mr. V.Sivaramakrishnan Associate Professor M.E., (Ph.D.),DownloadVisit
8 Mr. K. Ramadoss Associate Professor M.E., (Ph.D.),DownloadVisit
9 Mr. D. Elayaraja Associate Professor M.E.,(Ph.D)DownloadVisit
10 Mrs. J.Jeevamalar Assistant Professor M.E., (Ph.D.),DownloadVisit
11 Mr. C.Vasanthakumar Assistant Professor M.Tech., (Ph.D.),DownloadVisit
12 Mr. R. Sundar Assistant Professor M.Tech.,DownloadVisit
13 Mr. B. Manikandan Assistant Professor M.Tech.,DownloadVisit
14 Mr. G. Surendar Assistant Professor M.Tech.,DownloadVisit
15 Mr. V.Manathunai Nathan Assistant Professor M.E.,DownloadVisit
16 Mr. K. Senthil Nathan Assistant Professor M.Tech.,DownloadVisit
17 Mr. G. Hari Narayanan Assistant Professor M.E.,DownloadVisit
18 Mr. R.Vivekanandhan Assistant Professor M.E.,DownloadVisit
19 Mr. S.K.Krishnakumar Assistant Professor M.E.,Download Visit
20 Mr. A. Arunkumar Assistant Professor M.E.,DownloadVisit
21 Mr. K. Balasubramanian Assistant Professor M.E.,DownloadVisit
22 Mr. R. Vigneshwar Assistant Professor M.Tech.,DownloadVisit
23 Mr.K.Manikandan Assistant Professor M.E.,(Ph.D)., DownloadVisit
24 Mr.S.Sabanayagam Assistant Professor M.E., DownloadVisit
25 Mr.B.Gokulachander Assistant Professor M.Tech., DownloadVisit
26 Mr.P.Sarafoji Assistant Professor M.E., DownloadVisit
27 Mr.M.Vigneshwaran Assistant Professor M.E., DownloadVisit
28 Mr. V. Muthunathan Assistant Professor M.E., DownloadVisit
29 Mr. A. Arun Assistant Professor M.E., DownloadVisit