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Department of Master of Computer Application

R&D / Consultancy

# Name of the Project Staff Name
1. Travel Management System Mrs.J.Vanitha Ms.K.LakshmiPriya
2. College Transport System Mrs.S.Visalatchy Mr.S.Selvaganapathy
3. Electrical Shop Management Mrs.C.Mallika Mrs.A.Hema
4. Vinayaka Textiles Management Ms.N.Ilakkiya
5. Information distributed in dynamic message service Mrs.J.Vanitha Mrs.S.Visalatchy Ms.K.LakshmiPriya
6. Intra Mailing System Mrs.C.Mallika Mrs.A.Hema Mr.S.Selvaganapathy Ms.N.Ilakkiya
# Name of the Project Staff Name
1. Students Attendance Management System Mrs.J.Vanitha Ms.K.LakshmiPriya
2. School Management System Mrs.S.Visalatchy Mr.S.Selvaganapathy
3. Ticket Reservation System Mrs.C.Mallika Mrs.A.Hema
4. Application for Diagnostic Centre Mrs.J.Vanitha Mrs.S.Visalatchy Mr.S.Selvaganapathy
# Name of the Project Staff Name
1. SMS alert for Employee Attendance Mrs.J.Vanitha Ms.K.LakshmiPriya
2. Online Application for Social welfare Association Mrs.S.Visalatchy Mr.S.Selvaganapathy
3. Managing the marriage hall reservation and accounting system with online facility Mrs.C.Mallika Mrs.A.Hema
4. Secure mining of association rule in horizontally distributed database for Electricity department Mrs.J.Vanitha Mrs.A.Hema Ms.K.LakshmiPriya
5. LAN-Video Stream Mrs.C.Mallika Mrs.S.Visalatchy Mr.S.Selvaganapathy