Computer Society of India

Welcome to CSI Corner

  • Name of the Chapter    : CSI Student Branch
  • Membership Number    : I 01720
  • Inauguration                 : May’2013
  • Counselor                     : Prof.M.Chinnadurai, HOD/CSE
  • Convener                      : Prof.S.Manikandan, HOD/IT

Special Mention:

Received certificate of Institutional Accerdidation to engage in Knowledge Sharing, Technology Promotion and Skill Upgration in the academic year of 2014-2015.

Event Details  [June’2014 – December’2015]

S.No Date Name of the Event Department Organizing Coordinator(s)
1.16/06/2014 – 21/06/2014One week value added course on Cloud Infrastructure and Services IT&CSE Mr.S.Manikandan, AP/IT
Mr.S.Palanimurugan, AP/IT
Mr.J.Noorul Ameen, AP/CSE
Ms.Sindoori, AP/CSE
2.18/07/2014 – 19/07/2014 Two days Hands-On Cloud Infrastructure and Services IT Mr.S.Manikandan, AP/IT
3.19/07/2014 One day Seminar on Prime Skills for Engineering Professionals CSEMr.K.Balasubramaniyan, AP/CSE
Mr.G.Arul Selvan, AP/CSE
4.09/08/2014One day Guest Lecture on An Insight on Academic Projects CSE &IT Mr.Sudhir Shenai,
AP/CSE Mr.Prabhakaran, AP/CSE
Mr.A.Javed Sultan, AP/IT
5.09/08/2014 One day workshop on Water and Waste Management R&D Dr.M.K.Mizhra, Director/R&D
6.23/08/2014National Level Technical Symposium ITMr.S.Palanimurugan, AP/IT
Ms.E.Vijayavani, AP/IT
7.06/09/2014 - 07/09/2014 National Level Technical Symposium MCA Mr.C.Mallika, AP/MCA
Mr.Selvaganapathy, AP/MCA
8.13/09/2014One day Hands-On workshop on Database Administration and Management IT Ms.E.Vijayavani, AP/IT
Ms.S.Lavanya, AP/IT
9.20/09/2014National Level Technical Symposium CSE Mr.M.Marcko, AP/CSE
Mr.S.Aravindhan, AP/CSE
10.27/09/2014 One day Hands-On workshop on Android Mobile Apps ITMr.S.Palanimurugan, AP/IT
Mr.K.Manikanda Kumaran, AP/IT
11.28/02/2015 Appdhoom – 2 Event Android Mobile Apps Development CSE & IT Prof.S.Manikandan,AP/IT
12.08/06/2015 - 13/06/2015 Value Added Course and EMC Online Test CSE & IT Prof.S.Aravinthan,AP/CSE
13.08/06/2015 - 13/06/2015 Value Added Course on Java Fundamentals and Java Programming CSE & IT Prof.S.Manikandan,AP/IT