Adminstrative Organization

Governing Council

# Name of the Member Designation
1. Mrs. Jothimani G.S. Pillay Chairman
2. Shri. S. Senthil Kumar, B.Sc., Secretary
3. Shri. S. Arulprakasam Member – Trust
4. Shri. S. Govindasamy Member – Trust
5. Shri. S. Paramesvaran Member – Trust
6. Shri. S. Sankarganesh Member – Trust
7. Dr. K. Raghukandan, M.E.,Ph.D., Member – Academic
8. Shri. Sekhar MAARG Port Karaikal Member - Industrialist
9. Shri. S. Kumaravelu Member – Auditor
10. Shri. G. Vijayasundaram Member – Legal
11. Shri. V. Balamurugan Member – Legal
12. Shri. P. Sundaravelu Member - Construction
13. AICTE Regional Officer Member
14. State Government Nominee Member
15. University Nominee Member
16. Dr. S. Ramabalan, M.E.,Ph.D., Member - Secretary
17. Dr. S. Krishnamohan, M.E.,Ph.D. Member - Faculty
18. Prof.Dr. M. Chinnadurai, M.E.,Ph.D., Member - Faculty

Decentralization in working and grievance redressal mechanism

# Name of the Member Designation
1. Academic Affairs Dr. V. Mohan, Director (Academics)
2. Academic Affairs Monitoring Council(AAMC) Prof. J. Vanitha(MCA), Prof. T. Ganesan (CSE)
3. Admission, DOTE Prof. K. Manikanda Kumaran (IT)
4. AU Affiliation & AICTE Approval Dr. M. Chinnadurai (CSE)
5. ISO MR Dr. R. Karthi (MBA)
6. NBA Accreditation & QIC Nodal Centre Prof. M. Chinnadurai(CSE)
7. Library Advisory Committee Dr. M. Chinnadurai (CSE)
8. Disciplinary Committee Prof. S. Krishnamohan (Mech)
9. Students Grievance Redressal Dr. S. Ponsadai Lakshmi (S&H)
10. R&D Dr. S.Appavu (CSE)
11. Exam Cell Dr. R. Karthi (MBA)
12. Press & Stationary Store Dr. M. Chinnadurai (CSE)
13. Events Manager & NAAC Dr. R. Karthi (MBA)
14. Public Relations & Media Coordination Prof. K. Nandakumar(EEE)
15. Intercom/P.A. Systems/Projectors/OHPs Prof. Jim Hackinson(ECE)
16. Electrical Maintenance Prof. R. Anandaraj (EEE)
17. Building Maintenance, Landscaping Prof. N. Murali (CSE)
18. Website & Domain Mail Prof S.Palani Murugan (CSE)
19. Transport Facilities Prof. K. Parthasarathi (EEE)
20. ISTE Staff & Student Chapters Prof. S. Senthilkumar (ECE)
21. IEEE Student’s Chapter Prof. G. Ganesan (EEE)
22. CSI Student’s Chapter Prof. S. Manikandan(IT)
23. ICTACT Coordinator Prof. S. Manikandan(IT)
24. IETE Student’s Chapter Prof. D. Devarajan(ECE)
25. IE Student’s Chapter Prof. G. Sundara Vadivel(Mech)
26. Renewable Energy Club Prof. P.J. Suresh Babu(EEE)
27. Grievance & Redressal Cell Dr. S. Ponsadai Lakshmi (S&H)
28. Programmers Paradise Club Prof K.Manikanda Kumaran (IT)
29. Designers Domain Club Prof S.Palani Murugan (CSE)
30. Ladies Hostel Deputy Warden Prof. N. Karthika(Civil)
31. Gents Hostel Deputy Warden Prof. S. Jim Hawkinson (ECE)
32. EDC Prof.S. Palani Murugan(CSE)
33. Training & Placement Cell Prof.R.Mohankumar & Prof.P.Anandraj (CSE)
34. Alumni Association Prof. K. Balasubramanian (CSE)
35. Sports/Athletics Mr. D. Velavan (PED)
36. NSS Programme Prof. V. Sivaramakrishnan (Mech)
37. Youth Red Cross Society Prof. Naveen Antony (EEE)
38. Citizen Consumer Club Prof. V. Sivaramakrishnan (Mech)
39. Red Ribbon Club Prof. V. Sivaramakrishnan (Mech)
40. Women Empowerment Cell Prof. J. Vanitha (MCA)

Mechanism and Composition of Grievance redressal System

The institution has a system to register grievances from students, staff and parents. Suggestion boxes are kept in all the building’s entrance.

Students and Staff members can register their grievances in GR cell. Grievances are communicated to the grievance redressal cell by the students, staff and parents through oral communications and in written forms (if necessary).

For all grievances, the corrective action will be taken and communicated to the concerned as soon as possible. Gender issue related problems associated with girl students and female staff members are addressed by Internal Compliance Committee (Anti-Sexual Harassment cell).

Mechanism and Composition of Student Welfare Committees

Internal Compliance Committee
Convener: Prof. J. Vanitha ASP/(MCA)
Coordinator: One faculty member from all Dept.
Member: One lady advocate
Girl Student Members: Two Girl Student members
Frequency of Meeting: Semester Once

Anti-Ragging & Discipline Committee
Convener: Prof. S. Krishnamohan Professor/Mech
Coordinator: One Faculty from each Department
Members: Nagore Police Inspector, Tasildar, NGO Official, Parents, 2 Students, Non teaching staff
Frequency of Meeting: Semester Once

Prohibition of Alcoholism Cell
Convener: Prof. G. Ganesan (EEE)
Coordinator: One Faculty from each Department
Members: Parents, 2 Students, Faculty and Student Volunteers
Frequency of Meeting: Once in a semester


Service Availability
Library services Yes
Carpet area of library (in sqft) 10520 sqft
Reading space (in sqft) 1800 sqft
Number of seats in reading space 150
Number of users (issue book) per day 250
Number of users (reading space) per day 200
Timings During working day, weekend : 8.00 am to 6.00 pm
Number of library staff 06
Number of library staff with degree in library 05
Bar code system availability (issue/return) Yes
Library services (internet/intranet Yes
Library searching, indexing, news clipping Yes
Digital Library Services Yes


Service Availability
Internet Services Yes, WiFi Campus
Name of the Internet Provider RELIANCE JIO
Available bandwidth 100Mbps
Access Speed Very Good
Availability of Internet in an Exclusive Lab Yes
Availability in most computing labs Yes
Availability in departments and other units Yes (Hostels, Labs, Workshops and etc.)
Availability in Faculty rooms Yes
Faculty/students Yes, belongs to EGSPEC
Security/privacy to email/internet users Yes, includes SOPHOS Firewall